Air Duct Cleaning Process and Its Costs

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December 28, 2022

The air ducts in your home circulate the air in it. Dirty air ducts can easily accumulate several pounds of dust, dust mites, and their food and debris—up to 40 pounds per year in a six-room home. This can seriously complicate the health of the people (and even animals) inside.

Is it expensive to clean air ducts? Costs will vary among contractors depending on the equipment they use and other considerations. Read on to get an overview of the cleaning process and potential costs.

The Air Duct Cleaning Process Removes Dirt, Odors, and Pollutants

Air duct cleaning is done in two or three steps, depending on the conditions and cleaning history of the home or building’s heating and cooling systems. These conditions also determine how long cleaning will take. Most air duct cleaning in the Minneapolis and St. Paul-area homes can be completed in two to four hours. Check out our video that shows exactly how our equipment works.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning and Equipment

Metro Duct Cleaners uses Rotobrush‘s powerful vacuums and rotating brushes for air duct cleaning. It includes specially designed round brushes that loosen and whisk away dirt, dust, and other debris inside air ducts, and simultaneously vacuum them out, containing them inside the unit. Brushes come in several sizes to handle different parts of the job, attached to hoses that extend far inside the ductwork.

You may be surprised by debris found inside air ducts! It’s not always just dust bunnies. Insects and roaches are commonly found, even in ducts within the cleanest homes and establishments. Small rodents sometimes crawl inside, leaving behind their remains, food, and feces.

After cleaning, technicians often apply a microbiocide to eliminate bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew that can grow inside air ducts and pollute indoor air. (While mold can only be diagnosed with laboratory testing, the formula we use eliminates 99.9% of contaminants.) This treatment is safe to use around children, pets, and adults.

Metro Duct Cleaners uses EnviroCON®’s microbiocide, an EPA-registered product approved for homes, campers, hotels, restaurants, and other places where people congregate, eat, and sleep. It’s free of environmental contaminants like chlorine, bromodials, and phenols that can irritate people with chemical sensitivities. There is no need to evacuate the home or building during treatment.

Rips or tears discovered during air duct cleaning should be repaired. This is a pretty quick process that can be done right away. Sealing air duct leaks will help the overall system work more efficiently by keeping clean and cooled or heated air inside and preventing outside contaminants (and wildlife!) from getting in.

Finally, technicians will replace the air filter in your system once we are all finished with the cleaning process. We recommend changing your filter every 1-2 months. This helps keep your system running efficiently.

Cleaning the Vent Registers

Vent registers are the grills that cover air duct openings. If they are dirty, it’s practically a guarantee that the ducts are, too! Registers are also cleaned with brushes designed to remove layers of dirt and dust. They may also be sprayed with an antimicrobial after cleaning.

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Air duct cleaning costs may vary among contractors. Like any service, costs are determined by the quality of the equipment used, the time needed to complete service, and the technical skills needed to deliver it. The National Average air duct cleaning for most homes costs between $300 and $500, with the price affected by factors like the size of the home, the number of ducts and their configuration.

Metro Duct Cleaners will give you an estimate over the phone along with details about how the work will be performed. A firm estimate will be given onsite. You will not be charged one cent more regardless of the time needed for cleaning.

Metro Duct Cleaners is a professional Minneapolis/St Paul and Surrounding Area duct cleaner. We have duct cleaning equipment that can reach every section of your HVAC system in order to provide you with the cleanest ducts possible. For a free quote, contact us at (651) 252-4654.

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