Dedicated to Excellence & Amazing Service

We set out to build the best air duct cleaning company in the Twin Cities, and that means treating people well and treating people fair.

What Motivates Us

Helping People Feel Better About their Homes & Breathing Better

We are Metro Duct Cleaners and all we do is improve the air quality that you breathe in every day at home. Everyone deserves to live in a comfortable indoor environment. This includes breathing clean air free from allergens and pollutants caused by dust, dirt, debris, bacteria and other organic growth that collects inside air ducts and on air conditioners.

Professional & Thoughtful with No Surprises

When you choose us, we're legitimately on a mission to deliver the absolute best experience, and deliver above expectations.

We hate surprises, and we know you do to - that's why we don't play games with pricing.

We work hard to make sure the price you're given from the start is the one you end up paying.