3 Air Duct Cleaning Scams to Watch Out For

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December 28, 2022

Those air duct cleaning coupons might be tempting, but the services may not be worth purchasing.

How to choose a professional air duct cleaning company.

When it comes to air duct cleaning, unreliable companies always offer the best deals. Done right, air duct cleaning is an exacting job. It’s not easy to accomplish, and it’s not as cheap as some coupon offers would have you believe. To reach inside the air ducts and really clean all parts of the air duct system in your house requires hours of hard work, knowledgeable technicians and advanced equipment.

The biggest mistake a homeowner can make is to think that every company provides quality service and the only difference is the price. Unreliable companies will always offer the best deals when you call for a price quote. The quality companies will seem more expensive in comparison at first, but that’s because the good air ducts cleaners will quote an upfront total cost for taking the time to do the job right.

Air duct cleaning scams

But there are still all those great-looking coupons out there. Why do some companies seem to be so cheap and others so expensive? Here are three ways companies undercut prices with no intention of taking the time to provide real air duct cleaning.

air duct cleaning crew using hose to clean air duct in home

Experts agree there is value to air duct cleaning

1. Air duct cleaning bait and switch

You are offered an amazing coupon deal over the phone and schedule the company to come to your house. But, once in your home, they will perform minimal work and continue to offer you upgrades to the service for additional fees. Unfortunately, even if you give in to their schemes and buy all the upsells, you are still not going to get good work.

2. Quick and dirty air duct scam

Companies offering cheap coupons will schedule service too many homes in a day, in order to make up for their cheap prices.

The operation consists of pretending to clean the air ducts for a brief while and then quickly moving on to the next appointment, only cleaning what you can see.

There is no deep cleaning, so conditions will be left worse than before. This kind of “cleaning” pushes the dust farther back to the hard-to-reach areas of your system, which will then remain unclean and recirculate dust and microbes in the air you breathe.

Air duct vent with carpet around it

Learn to protect yourself from aggressive and unscrupulous air duct cleaning sales tactics.

3. Mold inspection scams

You see a great coupon offer. You call, the company confirms the offer and you schedule a visit.

But once in your house, they will “inspect” for mold, and they always find it. Now the job will cost hundreds more because of it!

They had no intention of actually cleaning any air ducts for that low price because they wouldn’t survive as a company on those fees.

So they always find mold, even if you don’t have any, so they can increase the price. They will even bring it with them or use fake tests to convince you.

You get the air duct cleaning you pay for

Real air duct cleaning is not as cheap as you may see in some coupon offers. The reputable companies sound more expensive at first, but they are charging an honest price for honest work.

Those cheap coupons can result in expensive visits that don’t yield satisfactory results. That’s why it’s always worthwhile to do your homework when hiring a duct cleaning professional.

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