Limited Special - Free Air Duct Disinfectant with Air Duct Cleaning $18/vent (as Always!)

Special Offer - free air duct disinfectant with our air duct cleaning services.

Creating a Win-Win for Air Duct Customers

We’re incredibly thankful for all of our loyal customers, and we want to find some unique ways to add value to families during these uncertain times.

People seem to be looking for peace of mind, and our phones have been ringing off the hook lately because people are interested in disinfecting their air duct system after getting it cleaned.

Simple Up-Front Pricing - $18/Vent

We hate pricing games and slimey add on sales, so we’re pretty subdued about our additional services we offer and the rates we advertise.

Competitors will advertise a low rate, but charge extra for the returns or play other up-charge games (this makes our skin crawl just thinking about it).

In contrast, we advertise $18 per air vent, and that’s the price we stick to - seriously, unless we drive far outside of our normal service area.

Normal Disinfectant Pricing $150 or $75 add on

Usually, it’s $75 to add on either disinfectant or dryer vent cleaning to our air duct cleaning service. We charge $150 to do standalone air duct disinfectant or dryer vent cleanings.

In an effort to add more value and make our services more attractive, we’re adding on disinfectant for free to all our air duct cleaning jobs.

We Use an Effective Virus Disinfectant

Take a look at the grid below, straight from the manufacturer, to see all the different viruses and bugs our disinfectant kills.

Value Focused, Not Opportunistic

We want to be sensitive and wise, and make sure that we explain to you that in no way does our service prevent the virus, but we can say that it will kill the virus within your vents if it were there.

We want business to keep flowing, and we know people are looking for steps to take to stave off viruses in their home; we want to help while running a profitable business.

Creating a Win-Win

We’re hoping this creates a win-win for both our customers and Metro Duct Cleaning.

If you call us now, our team is ready to answer any questions and to help you get on our schedule to get your home as clean and fresh as possible.

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